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 Rotary encoder is a component which is application of micro current circuit, can send out regular square signal (pulse signal). It need to connect with counter, PLC (CPU), PC and more IC parts to read out signal, achieve to the function.


What is defective performance of rotary encoder, how to avoid them?


  • Rotary Encoder garbled: that is not increase or decrease according regularly. Generally speaking, the IC software incompatible or mismatching with the encoder. Noise or edge contact are the main factors caused it. How to deal with? Two steps - firstly, check if connect with RC fitter circuit with 103uF electric capacity, if feasible, choose one rotary encoder no edge contact to switch on the circuit. Secondly, if useless based on first step, which can judge the problems with the IC software, so replacement of software is must.
  • Signal not continuous: that is mainly happen on have-wave products, the main reason is position clips and brush body not distribution, the only way solved is to choose other model.
  • Bad handle feeling (not clear feeling): that is for position clips and touching pins not matched well, so only send back to manufacturer to improve it.
  • The defective function after soldered: please take care when choosing the model, if with the requirement of against with high temperature, choose the model with LCP material, that can be avoidable the broken wholly body and function.


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